Monday, 14 May 2012

The Patio Overhaul

The patio has been a space in our house that I have been eyeing up for quite some time. Originally it was an old garage but some time in the distant past the roof fell in. It was worked on and the retaining wood was placed so the brick would not fall away anymore. When all that happened is an enigma. Over the past week a lot of junk was removed, converting the patio from a dump to a welcome private patio. We also managed to salvage a fairly nice outdoor table set before it was sent off to the landfill.  Finally it's a place worth inhabiting. 

A Mexican Fiesta to celebrate!

Underneath the patio is a small space that we use to store bikes, ladders, lawnmowers, etc. It had a small shack-like entrance to it that served no real purpose other than an eyesore. It was demo time :) 

The original door was taken off and cut down to fit the opening of the actual crawlspace. And the best part you ask?

A lock to keep out pesky bike thieves. Curse them and their mothers!