Thursday, 24 May 2012

The String Lamp

This project was headed up by my girlfriend Kate. She saw a similar idea on pinterest so we decided to give the string lamp a shot - after all lamps are fantastic creations. After a bit of running around at the Walmart, Home Depot and digging through our closets we gathered the materials needed. 

Using a yogurt or ice cream container (not exactly sure what it was) we traced a circle which would eventually be the bottom open portion of the lamp. If you are trying this I would suggest drawing an additional coin sized circle directly opposite the large section such that the lamp chord has a centered location to come through the top. 

One person dips the string in glue as the other pulls it around the ball without going in the circle traced out earlier. 

Let that dry overnight and then liberate your ball/balloon/whatever from its cage. We opted for a ball so we could get a perfect sphere rather than some odd bell like shape you would find in a balloon. 

Once that is done you are nearly there. Simply install  lamp parts through it. We purchased a standard kit from Home Depot but dismantling an old lamp is a great cost effective and simple solution. 

And viola! She is complete. 

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