Thursday, 24 May 2012

The String Lamp

This project was headed up by my girlfriend Kate. She saw a similar idea on pinterest so we decided to give the string lamp a shot - after all lamps are fantastic creations. After a bit of running around at the Walmart, Home Depot and digging through our closets we gathered the materials needed. 

Using a yogurt or ice cream container (not exactly sure what it was) we traced a circle which would eventually be the bottom open portion of the lamp. If you are trying this I would suggest drawing an additional coin sized circle directly opposite the large section such that the lamp chord has a centered location to come through the top. 

One person dips the string in glue as the other pulls it around the ball without going in the circle traced out earlier. 

Let that dry overnight and then liberate your ball/balloon/whatever from its cage. We opted for a ball so we could get a perfect sphere rather than some odd bell like shape you would find in a balloon. 

Once that is done you are nearly there. Simply install  lamp parts through it. We purchased a standard kit from Home Depot but dismantling an old lamp is a great cost effective and simple solution. 

And viola! She is complete. 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Market/Apartment Design

In one of my urban development courses last semester we were giving the task of designing a structure and running a feasibility study on it. I opted to make a multi use facility featuring a large open market place, office space, apartments, underground parking and green space. Although the project was not financially feasible it was an excellent opportunity to play around with google SketchUp. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Patio Overhaul

The patio has been a space in our house that I have been eyeing up for quite some time. Originally it was an old garage but some time in the distant past the roof fell in. It was worked on and the retaining wood was placed so the brick would not fall away anymore. When all that happened is an enigma. Over the past week a lot of junk was removed, converting the patio from a dump to a welcome private patio. We also managed to salvage a fairly nice outdoor table set before it was sent off to the landfill.  Finally it's a place worth inhabiting. 

A Mexican Fiesta to celebrate!

Underneath the patio is a small space that we use to store bikes, ladders, lawnmowers, etc. It had a small shack-like entrance to it that served no real purpose other than an eyesore. It was demo time :) 

The original door was taken off and cut down to fit the opening of the actual crawlspace. And the best part you ask?

A lock to keep out pesky bike thieves. Curse them and their mothers!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mason Jars

I spent a few days at home after finishing exams and dug through my very cluttered unorganized garage. I managed to pick out this table of gems. For most things I wasn't quite sure what I would use them for just yet, except the mason jars. I decided to move my ever growing international sand collection (yes i collect sand) into them. 

(I have more sand, I swear)

The Walkway

The walkway all stemmed from this bucket of old slate shingles. Stacked under the back porch for God knows how long, I pulled them out, laid them on the grass and got to work. It wasn't until the pathway was nearly done that I decided that they just wouldn't do and went searching for some new salvaged stones that didn't crack. I found them in a nearby vacant lot buried beneath leaves and dirt. After a few hauls back to the house a whole new path 2.0 was ready to be put into place.

Another freebie project done.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Loft Bed

Moving into my first real place I decided to make the most out of my 13 x 13 foot room. After spending a few months casually looking at both factory built beds and used ones, I decided that building it myself would give me exactly what I wanted; a bed with multiple uses and an engaging project for the summer. The futon folds down to function as a secondary bed when friends spend the night. Tucked behind the futon sit storage boxes which perfectly fit the space. The steps are open on the sides and serve as additional storage space. Overall the bed provides me with all the space I need to store things in my room and also caters to hosting company. I opted not to put in a railing as I am a pretty stationary sleeper however, I have been dreaming up a simple modification to put in a removable railing and I imagine this will be one of the first things people think about the bed. Oh well. The lines are clean and I have not fallen off in 3 or so years so I'm not worried. At this point I most likely will leave the railing on the drawing board until it is needed. 

  The bed is constructed out of cedar posts, pine boards and plywood. The plywood is visible on the stairs and underneath the mattress. Everything was stained using "Black Walnut" wood stain purchased at Home Hardware. 

     The majority of the bed is held together with brackets, some pieces like the braces were screwed directly into the wood. No glue was used and the bed is able to disassemble. It was constructed originally at my home and then moved, taken apart into sections that fit through the door. The stairs are about 1 ft wide and 1ft high for each step. The shape was framed out of 2x2 lumber and then attached to plywood sheeting. For more specific construction details feel free to email me. 

On this project I had extensive help from friends and family in both the design and construction phase. A shout out to Erika, Rich, Patrick, Logan, Kate, Peter and Dora for advice, tools, and a pair of extra hands. 

Creative Birthday Video

   A video birthday card made by Kate and I for a friend. Enjoy the show!

Deck Railing

  When I moved in the railing on the house was in grande decay as showcased by the first photo. The demolition of the old deck was a glorious moment led by these three goofs. After that ended the work began for all of us. All of the wood from the old deck was discarded as it was riddled with rot. New post bases were installed. Given that the beams sat on raised blocks a piece of 2x4 had to be cut on each beam so the bottom rail had something to attach to. We opted to install the balusters the inside of the railing, something which I noticed was not common after looking through the neighbourhood. I think it looks cleaner and I'm happy with the decision. The white metal railings on the steps were drilled with new holes to offset the eroded base on one side. They are now much stronger and straighter than prior. 

Bed Frame Bar

The idea of building a bar had been thrown around my house for a few weeks. When I found that my roommate had decided to toss his old bedframe I saw the perfect countertop. Using the bed frame, some reclaimed wood from a discarded futon and 100$ of purchased wood we built the bar. Overall a cheap, up-cycled product that the whole house is proud of. 

Folding Chess Table

This was a slight adaptation from a high school tech class project.  Instead of a standard 1x1 floor tile I decided to put a thick chess board inside. Folds away under any couch or can function as a side table if need be. One set of legs are fixed (right side of third image) the other set fits into a grove on the other side (left on third image).