Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Deck Railing

  When I moved in the railing on the house was in grande decay as showcased by the first photo. The demolition of the old deck was a glorious moment led by these three goofs. After that ended the work began for all of us. All of the wood from the old deck was discarded as it was riddled with rot. New post bases were installed. Given that the beams sat on raised blocks a piece of 2x4 had to be cut on each beam so the bottom rail had something to attach to. We opted to install the balusters the inside of the railing, something which I noticed was not common after looking through the neighbourhood. I think it looks cleaner and I'm happy with the decision. The white metal railings on the steps were drilled with new holes to offset the eroded base on one side. They are now much stronger and straighter than prior. 

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