Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Loft Bed

Moving into my first real place I decided to make the most out of my 13 x 13 foot room. After spending a few months casually looking at both factory built beds and used ones, I decided that building it myself would give me exactly what I wanted; a bed with multiple uses and an engaging project for the summer. The futon folds down to function as a secondary bed when friends spend the night. Tucked behind the futon sit storage boxes which perfectly fit the space. The steps are open on the sides and serve as additional storage space. Overall the bed provides me with all the space I need to store things in my room and also caters to hosting company. I opted not to put in a railing as I am a pretty stationary sleeper however, I have been dreaming up a simple modification to put in a removable railing and I imagine this will be one of the first things people think about the bed. Oh well. The lines are clean and I have not fallen off in 3 or so years so I'm not worried. At this point I most likely will leave the railing on the drawing board until it is needed. 

  The bed is constructed out of cedar posts, pine boards and plywood. The plywood is visible on the stairs and underneath the mattress. Everything was stained using "Black Walnut" wood stain purchased at Home Hardware. 

     The majority of the bed is held together with brackets, some pieces like the braces were screwed directly into the wood. No glue was used and the bed is able to disassemble. It was constructed originally at my home and then moved, taken apart into sections that fit through the door. The stairs are about 1 ft wide and 1ft high for each step. The shape was framed out of 2x2 lumber and then attached to plywood sheeting. For more specific construction details feel free to email me. 

On this project I had extensive help from friends and family in both the design and construction phase. A shout out to Erika, Rich, Patrick, Logan, Kate, Peter and Dora for advice, tools, and a pair of extra hands. 

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